First change

I finally start writing some code! Well, its nothing functional yet, just some small changes, but I'm getting there. And guess what, I'm not scared of touching the kernel code anymore. :)

Last week, we discussed with PJ about the modifications that should be done. First, I told him my ideas (even the ones I knew were useless), then he explained me a much simpler and solution. :)  So, I will be creating a new function called native_cpu_parallel_up. For my very first change, I copied native_cpu_up and renamed it native_cpu_parallel_up. And in my kernel tree, __cpu_up is calling native_cpu_parallel_up -not native_cpu_up-. Making this change on my computer isn't a problem at all. But I am using PJ's machine for debugging. So, I made my patch as in the first kernel patch tutorial, then exported it using "git format-patch -n1". Then, I copied my patch to PJ's other computer that I'm accessing remotely which also has my kernel tree. Finally I applied my patch to my branch. 

It is very amazing to see how fast a computer can build if it has 48 cpus. But it didn't boot so fast, hopefully that won't be the case for so long. :) 

That kind of small changing should help me to get used to comprehend debug messages, but they seem very unfamiliar for now. 

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