The last days of OPW

My internship is almost over but the project has more way to go. So far, I created a new function which loops through all the AP's and brings them online. In order to support that, several changes were needed to be done in the boot path. Currently, I'm working on some TSC problems. Once I get over all the problems, I will start updating the code to make the flow nicer. :)

It has been a great summer working on Linux kernel, I learned a lot and enjoyed it very much. The best part is, I get to keep working on this project with PJ until the changes are merged. This was my first contribution to open source and my intent is to keep doing that for a long long time. :) Also I will keep blogging my experiences about the project, seeing my progress makes me content.

LinuxCon Europe is only one month away! My slides are ready, but I should work on my lightning talk. I can't wait to meet other OPW interns and the kernel developers!


Happy Coding

I have been started changing the code step by step. I'm trying to make the change as small as I can, so I'll make sure it won't brake the code. I change the code, commit it, rebuild and install, and hope my computer can boot. :)

I've started sending my patches to PJ and I had to update them according to his feedback. But with git, I found out that, remaking is much easier than updating a patch from a patchset. At least until I remember how to rebase a git tree, that was the case. While I was struggling with git, for numerous times, I thought I lost everything I've done. Then I found out how to use some very usefull commands; "git reflog" and "git cherry-pick". 

Also, LinuxCon/CloudOpen Europe is getting closer. I will be giving a lightning talk that explains what I've been working on. That is going to be a very exciting experience for me. I hope I will do well on my presentation. I should be working on my slides and finish them by September 12th.