Happy Coding

I have been started changing the code step by step. I'm trying to make the change as small as I can, so I'll make sure it won't brake the code. I change the code, commit it, rebuild and install, and hope my computer can boot. :)

I've started sending my patches to PJ and I had to update them according to his feedback. But with git, I found out that, remaking is much easier than updating a patch from a patchset. At least until I remember how to rebase a git tree, that was the case. While I was struggling with git, for numerous times, I thought I lost everything I've done. Then I found out how to use some very usefull commands; "git reflog" and "git cherry-pick". 

Also, LinuxCon/CloudOpen Europe is getting closer. I will be giving a lightning talk that explains what I've been working on. That is going to be a very exciting experience for me. I hope I will do well on my presentation. I should be working on my slides and finish them by September 12th.

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